His Story

What did Brian Stepan do to end up on Megan’s Law?

Brian Stepan’s Story:


The truth and reality of my categorization is due to being proactively lied to and victimized by another person’s misguided and sinister personal conduct.

I join a website for single adults to meet a significant other.  Like millions of others.  In fact I was new to the area and that was the only attractive means to make contacts.  I was recently graduated and working hard at my new career.  I don’t drink often so going out to bars wasn’t appealing.  Nor did I think I would the girl I wanted in that environment.  Oh, and this is a website that has a monthly subscription fee and requires your credit card for sign-up.

So I message a few girls.  Low and behold Melissa responds.  You may  be thinking you know how these internet “hook-ups” go.  Well, here’s where it gets interesting then.  She gave me her number almost immediately.  Did we quickly get together for quick and mindless gratification?  No, we spoke on the phone for nearly 2 weeks before we decided to go on a date.  Little did I know all her stories were lies.  Her job, her graduation, her college applications…all lies.   Even fraud was committed for using her mom’s credit card to bypass the age verification of the site.

Like I said I was new to the area.  I was in the suburbs and she was in the city.  The date was for us to drive around and she point out her favorite spots while I got to familiarize myself with the area.

I made it to the address she gave me.  The girl that approached my car was taller then me, fully developed, and looking exactly like her pictures.  It never crossed my mind this was total deception and seeing her did not invoke any thought of the kind.

She drove me to her church, her old school (lie), and then we were going to stop at the library.  What, not the type of date you were expecting from someone like me?  Well that’s exactly my point.  So, as luck or fate would have it, the library was closed.  This gave us a break from the agenda that allowed us to flirt a little more then was had been.  She grabbed my phone and started taking pictures and joking around.  It wasn’t long before we both leaned in for the first kiss.  It felt right and we continued to kiss in my car in the library parking lot.

After a bit, to my surprise, she offered to have intercourse right then and there in my car.   I was definitely not expecting this and humbly offered a rain check for when we were in a more proper environment.  We continued to kiss when she made me an offer not many men would refuse.  Nor would one believe there should be any reason to refuse.  So I let her perform oral sex on me.  We finished, we spent some more time together, and then I took her back home.

Two days later she messaged me on the website where we met.  She said she had lied to me.  I inquired about what.  She stated it was her age.  She was lying about her age.  She was not 20, but in fact 13.  Yeah right, I thought.  No way.  There must be some craziness to her that hadn’t picked up before.  True or false, I decided clearly it could not go on.  If she was underage, that is illegal.  I offered her friendly advice that she has plenty of time to meet a boy her age.  She insisted we stay together for which I did not reply.

Fast forward an entire year.  I’m at my home when the police come to my door.  They don’t tell me why and even comment that they were informed I wouldn’t know what it was about.  I am arrested and taken out in 8 degree weather wearing pajamas where I’m taken to the local police state.  From there my life turns to a living hell.  I won’t get into the details of being taken from your home and put into the inner philadelphia jail system for child rape.

Turns out she continued to do this with older men until her family finally found out.  Her dad made her compile a list of all the men she had known and then he took that to the police.  There were at least 5 other guys.

The law states that if the girl is under 14 then no matter what happened the guy is 100% responsible.  No matter that she committed fraud to position herself in an adult-only dating site.  No matter she confessed she lied about her age.  No matter she confessed she was not forced or did anything against her will.  No matter she didn’t even press charges.  The law only cares if it happened.  If it happened then I’m guilty.  I can’t argue if it happened or not, because it did happen.  The circumstances are everything, and they are explicitly ruled out of this judgement.

Because of all of this, I’m now labeled as a violet rapist of children, FOR LIFE.

Am I rapist? NO

Did I have intercourse with the girl? NO, it was oral sex, which by nature is the most passive and female in-control acts.

Am I violent? NO

Am I threat to society? NO

When I found out the truth did I immediately terminate the relationship? YES

Did I have any past record? NO

Is this absolutely ridiculous and evidence of a broken system and lack of humanity? YES

So if you go to the megan’s law website or see my name on some sex offenders list, know that I’m just a normal guy who was lied to.


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